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Arterial Doppler Chinese manufacturer GYF

Arterial Doppler Chinese manufacturer GYF

Arterial Doppler Chinese manufacturer GYF
Arterial Doppler Chinese manufacturer GYFArterial Doppler Chinese manufacturer GYFArterial Doppler Chinese manufacturer GYFArterial Doppler Chinese manufacturer GYFArterial Doppler Chinese manufacturer GYF
CategoriesMedical equipment
Energy source:electricity
After-sales service:online technical support
Material:metal, plastic
Shelf life:2 years
Quality certification:CE
Model:Portable Ultrasound
Display:12 inch LED
Platform:PC-based WIN7 system
Imaging modes:b
Advanced technology:DBF, RDA, DRA, DRF, DFS
Application:General, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Vascular, Heart Disease, Urinary, Small Organs, etc.
USB port:2 USB ports, can connect USB flash memor
Image/video format:AVI, JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, DICOM
Power supply:Li-ion rechargeable battery; AC powe
Unit PriceUS $ 1200-9000 / piece
FOB portshanghai
Terms of PaymentL/C, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal
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Update Time2022-01-23
Detail Information
B-mode ultrasound scanner
Technical parameters of BLS-810 all-digital ultrasonic diagnostic system


1. Display mode: B, 2B, 4B, B/M, M.

2. TGC control, frame correlation, grayscale transformation, edge enhancement, horizontal filtering, dynamic filtering and other technologies, the whole machine has clear images, stable performance and high resolution.

3. Lateral resolution≤3mm(depth≤80),≤4mm(80<depth≤130), axial resolution≤2mm(depth≤80),≤3mm(80<depth≤130), maximum detection Depth≥170mm, blind zone≤5.

4. Probe interface: 1 pc.

5. Display: ≥10 inches

6. Image processing technology: controllable frame correlation, gamma correction, edge enhancement, image smoothing, image noise reduction, automatic gain adjustment, image up and down, left and right, (90?, 270?) flip;

7. Image zoom: stepless zoom; also has real-time dynamic PIP picture-in-picture partial discharge function;

8. Image archiving, browsing, comparison, storage, printing, and transmission functions; at least 100 images can be stored permanently in the machine, and the picture is stored in a slideshow mode for full-screen browsing;

9. Support U disk, the software can be automatically upgraded through U disk, and images can be stored or read in U disk;

10. Automatic measurement and calculation, ratio measurement, line narrow ratio, area narrow ratio, angle measurement; puncture guide, histogram, cross-sectional view;

11. Image processing presets and one-key optimization functions, doctors can preset more than 8 sets of parameters according to clinical needs;

12. Body mark: More than 40 body marks;

13. The diagnostic system works continuously ≥8h

14. Puncture guide: with probe puncture guide device

15. Medical record information database system, patient information storage, retrieval and management functions;

16. Diagnostic measurement formula preset system, which can set different formulas according to different races;

17. Automatic measurement software for obstetrics, gynecology, small organs, heart, urology and other departments, automatic report generation system, and direct printing of A4 diagnostic reports when connected to a laser printer;

18. Basic configuration: one host, one convex array probe, and three other probes are optional;
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