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Promoting "Internet + Medical Health", family ECG monitoring is promising!

Promoting "Internet + Medical Health", family ECG monitoring is promising!

Issue Time:2021-01-12
Promote "integrated" shared services and improve the level of convenient, intelligent and humanized services
1. Adhere to the integration of online and offline. While continuing to improve offline medical services, medical institutions should make full use of information technologies such as the Internet and big data to expand service space and content, and gradually realize home rehabilitation for patients. Encourage all localities to use intelligent IoT terminal equipment to carry out the monitoring, tracking and management of the characteristic index data of patients with chronic diseases and high-risk groups, combined with the contracted services of family doctors, and sink health management to community service sites.

2. Optimize the smart medical service process. Second-level and higher hospitals should accelerate the promotion of internal information system integration and business collaboration, optimize medical procedures, and improve service efficiency. Gradually realize online health consultation, follow-up consultation, prescription review, medication guidance, mental and health assessment, vaccination appointment, electronic prescription circulation, drug delivery, follow-up follow-up, family ECG monitoring, community appointment and referral, etc.
Home ECG monitoring industry will be promising
From the perspective of notification orientation, "Internet + medical health" has become an unstoppable and full bloom trend. Among them, home rehabilitation, out-of-hospital remote monitoring and tracking and management, and home ECG monitoring are all included in the content of the document. This not only emphasizes the importance of home rehabilitation and home ECG monitoring, but also indicates that this will become a new blue ocean market. Electric monitoring will be promising!

GYF Company combines AI artificial intelligence with medical products and services to build a remote ECG monitoring service platform to realize dynamic collection, system tracking, real-time warning and management of personal heart health information, and improve users' health and quality of life.

Giving full play to the advantages of Internet smart medical care can not only be effectively applied to home rehabilitation and chronic disease management, but also help graded diagnosis and treatment, improve the efficiency of medical institutions, and empower primary medical services.

GYF's ECG monitors are mainly used for family and community monitoring and primary medical care, supplemented by hospitals, forming a linkage between the hospital and the hospital. I believe that in the near future, home ECG monitoring will surely enter thousands of households.
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