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Guyufan took another order-the oximeter shipped to Egypt!

Guyufan took another order-the oximeter shipped to Egypt!

Issue Time:2021-01-07
After the joint efforts of all employees, Guyufan took another order-the oximeter shipped to Egypt!
As a representative of the strength of Tianjin's foreign trade, Guyufan adopts the B2B cooperation model and has trade contacts with all parts of the world. We use private networks or the Internet between companies to exchange and transmit data and information, and to develop business models for trading activities. We integrate corporate intranets and corporate products and services with customers through B2B websites or mobile clients. Get up, through the rapid response of the network, to provide customers with better services, thereby promoting the business development of the enterprise.

In addition, our transactions have always followed the following two principles: First, the procurement method is flexible, and the purchaser can choose direct selection or systematic random procurement methods to select products according to the actual situation of the project. The second is to save the transaction costs of all parties, there is no middleman in which to earn the difference, and we have special line transportation in Africa, and many regions use DDP, which saves you worry, money and effort.

China-Africa relations are extraordinary, and African countries are our natural partners in building a community with a shared future. Under the influence of the mechanism of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation and the African Free Trade Area, China-Africa economic and trade cooperation will reach a higher level and its influence will be further enhanced.

At the beginning of the new year, China-Africa cooperation ushered in a new period of development opportunities. The African Continental Free Trade Zone, covering 54 countries and a population of 1.2 billion, was officially launched on January 1, adding new impetus to China-Africa economic and trade cooperation. More Chinese companies will promote trade through investment and help "Made in Africa" ​​grow stronger.

The African Continental Free Trade Zone not only means business opportunities and development for both China and Africa, we will achieve mutual benefit and win-win results with the African market and grow together.

Welcome to choose Guyufan! Escort your health! We will become your most loyal partner!