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Help fight the epidemic! GYF Launches New Coronary Pneumonia Neutralizing Antibody Kit!

Help fight the epidemic! GYF Launches New Coronary Pneumonia Neutralizing Antibody Kit!

Issue Time:2021-01-05

Since the outbreak of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), it has rapidly engulfed many countries and continues to spread globally. Whether it is the detection, prevention or treatment of the new coronavirus, countries are under tremendous pressure. To deal with the new crown epidemic, the long-term solution is to successfully develop a safe and effective vaccine.


In the process of vaccine development and marketing, the most important indicator for evaluating the effectiveness of the new crown vaccine is the content of neutralizing antibodies in the subject. Screening effective antibody drugs from neutralizing antibodies is also a powerful weapon in addition to vaccines to prevent and treat the new coronavirus.


Neutralizing antibodies, as antibodies with antiviral activity, account for only a small part of antiviral antibodies. They can recognize virus surface proteins, block the binding of virus to specific receptors on the cell surface, and prevent the virus from continuing to invade human cells. Unlike vaccines that rely on the human body to generate sufficient immune responses to prevent and treat diseases, antibody drugs take effect more quickly, provide immediate immune responses, and have the advantages of high accessibility and subsequent large-scale and rapid production.


It can be seen that neutralizing antibodies play an extremely important role in the development of new crown vaccines and antibody drugs. How to quickly detect neutralizing antibodies has become the top priority for accelerating the global anti-epidemic process. Many research teams and pharmaceutical companies are actively carrying out relevant research.


Among them, the detection and verification of neutralizing antibodies and vaccines are generally evaluated by neutralizing tests for true viruses and pseudoviruses. However, the true virus of the new coronavirus is infectious and pathogenic, which brings great risks and difficulties to detection, and to solve the current problems of fake virus transportation, large inter-batch differences, long detection time, and high cost.


GYF BIOTECH LTD, Beijing Kuer and the National Center for Disease Diagnosis and Development have jointly developed an innovative Coretests® new coronavirus neutralizing antibody detection kit. This kit uses enzyme-linked immunoassay to simulate virus neutralization experiments. It is the world's first test kit that can quickly detect neutralizing antibodies. It only takes one hour to complete the test under ordinary experimental conditions, which helps to speed up the new crown vaccine , Plasma therapy and the development process of neutralizing antibody drugs.


Among the three cooperative institutions that jointly launched the Coretests® Neutralizing Antibody Test Kit, GYF, as a global biotechnology company, with its nearly 18 years of technical precipitation and experience accumulation in the field of life sciences, it has been From primer detection probes, vaccine research and development assistance, antibody drug screening and drug discovery, it assists global scientific researchers.


Finally, with the ever-advanced biotechnology, the combination of top companies and scientific research units, we have reason to believe that the global scientific community can develop vaccines and drugs for the prevention and treatment of new coronary pneumonia as soon as possible, and provide a sharp edge for mankind to overcome the epidemic.