Company Profile
Hello, my friend, welcome to visit our website. Tianjin GufenBiological Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Tianjin, a coastal city in China.Since its establishment,  we have always attached great importance to innovationand steady development. At present, it has 4 years of transaction history, andhas established an excellent sales team, We thank our loyal trading partners. With the support of existingresources and the convenience of Tianjin Binhai International Trade Port, wehave a better development prospect. The products sold by the company mainly include professionalflexible ureteroscopes, X-ray machines and other medical equipment, as well asprotective products such as LED surgical lights,  operating tables, nitrilegloves, latex gloves, masks and protective clothing. Medical consumables  and adult supplies.         Over the years, we have established a good saleschannel, with distributors in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America,Africa and many countries in the world,          maintain good cooperation andcommunication, accumulate more and more partners, and then look forward towarmly welcoming all walks of life When friends visit us,           we will establish astrong cooperative relationship with you to achieve a win-win situation.